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Alhamdullillah, Walk-in Islamic InfoCenter has launched a digital billboard located at Hurontario and Dundas streets in the city of Mississauga to highlight the amazing advice of Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon him, regarding the prevention and guidelines during a pandemic. This billboard also shows our appreciation to all front line workers. Furthermore, it invites viewers to obtain more information on Islam by visiting Please support Dawah with your duas and donations.

We started with one billboard on May 14, 2020 which was followed by few more billboards that ran for few days. A huge billboard was put up on Gardiner Expressway in downtown, Toronto that week.

We received tremendous support from all over the world. The Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) message went viral and careful observation estimates  more than 10 million people watched and shared this message.

We are receiving many requests for Qur'an from around the world. The success of this campaign encouraged some sponsors to step forward and the campaign is being extended for a couple of more months.

No Racism in Islam

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Our mission is to create awareness and understanding about  Islam as well as correct misinformation between Muslims and      Non-Muslims

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